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Baby Dance DVD

Item # 59646
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Special Selection -- Sensory Motor Development Skill Builder!

Movement and music are essential for child development!    Studies have shown that children who begin dance at an early age are more self-confident, have an increased spatial awareness, and are more creative. The Baby Dance DVD keeps kids hopping and stomping, flying and cavorting, and encourages a life long practice to be physically active and fit. Even little ones love to groove and move!

  • Teaches rhythm, stretching, creative movement, coordination, basic ballet technique, Maraca dance, Cowboy dance, Scarf dance, & more
  • 35 minutes
  • Imported
  • Recommended for ages 1 & up

This product was assessed and assigned the skill areas listed below by St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

The Baby Dance DVD will encourage children in the areas of large muscle movement and assist with gaining balance and coordination. Children can try to imitate the movements and emotions expressed by the children on the screen and increase their engagement with the world around them.

Skill areas:

  • Social Engagement and Interaction
  • Sensory Motor Development

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