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Spooner 24-Inch Freestyle Board

Item # 59111

Gives 1 toy(s) to children in need.

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Special Selection -- Sensory Motor Development Skill Builder!

No waves, slopes, or sidewalks required!    Using the Spooner 24-Inch Freestyle Board, youngsters can pretend they are catching a wave, riding the slopes, or burning up the asphalt without leaving the comfort of the family room. Designed for beginners, kids starting at age 4 can simulate spins, twists, slides, wobbles, and more, while getting a workout, stabilizing their core, and improving their balance and coordination. The Spooner 24-Inch Freestyle Board is becoming increasingly popular with school physical education departments because of the fun and safe, high-quality workout it provides and its virtually indestructible construction.

  • 24" L (61 cm)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Recommended for ages 4 & up

This product was assessed and assigned the skill areas listed below by St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

This Spooner Board enhances children's positional awareness while promoting balance and coordination and providing them with the enhanced movement they require.

Skill Area:

  • Sensory Motor Development

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