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Serenity Star Electronic Feeding and Sleep System

Item # 58471
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The Serenity Star Electronic Feeding and Sleep System is a must-have, multi-tasking nursery accessory. This white star is a electronic feeding diary, room temperature indicator, sound machine, nightlight, and clock packaged in an attractive white star that offers these great features:

  • Electronic Feeding Diary - Moms of newborns are busy people and have lots to keep track of. The Serenity Star will take some of that off your mind by storing a record of the last time you nursed and the breast side on which your infant last nursed (Some experts recommend starting on the last side you previously nursed from).
  • Sound Machine - The Serenity Star can offer a comforting bedtime routine to help baby fall asleep and comes with a choice of 2 lullabies, white noise, and heartbeat sounds and can be set to play for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or continuously.
  • Nightlight/Temperature Indicator - This dual-purpose feature lets you know, at a glance, the approximate temperature in infant's room so you can either adjust the temperature or dress baby accordingly. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infant's sleeping rooms maintain a temperature between 64.1 and 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit. With a single glance, you will know if your baby's room is within that range. When the Serenity Star displays a soft white glow, the room is within that optimal temperature range. When the Serenity Star glows blue the room is 64 degrees or cooler and when it glows red, the room temperature is above 74 degrees.
  • Clock- The illuminated digital readout in the center of the Serenity Star helps keeps you on schedule.

The Serenity Star Electronic Feeding and Sleep System includes a power adaptor and also can be battery powered (3 AAA batteries not included).

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