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Faux Bow

Item # 58229
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Everything about the new Faux Bow from Marky Sparky is fake! Everything that is but the performance. It was designed to have real "bow and arrow" experience while still being playful. Set up some targets and see just how accurate you can be. The sleek design of the finger grip allows for lightning fast releases using a slip roller to slow down the handle for greater shooting distance. The Faux Bow has a range of over 100 feet. Ages 8 & up.

  • Faux Carbon Composite Arrow Shafts
  • Faux Bow String
  • Faux Black Ebony Handle from the faux forests of Southern India and Sri Lanka
  • Faux Titanium Quiver Anodized Blue (capacity = 3 arrows)
  • Faux machine crafted "Hawk" fletchlings for longer flights.
  • Bow refills available below.

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