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Red Toolbox Treasure Chest Woodworking Kit

Item # 57278

Gives 1 toy(s) to children in need.

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D.I.Y can be F.U.N! Spend quality time with a youngster while crafting a fun and functional project with this Red Toolbox Treasure Chest Woodworking Kit. And, in the process teach a child skills that will last a lifetime - how to use tools responsibly, how to follow directions, and how to work together on a project, as well as basic carpentry skills. This 6.3 x 7. 9 x 3.5 inch pine box really is a treasure chest: lift the hinged lid to reveal a bank for kids to save up to buy that very special something. When completed, this wooden bank can be painted and decorated for even more bonding time.

Ages 8 & up, adult assistance required. Tools not included, paint or stain optional.

Teaches these beginning level carpentry skills:

  • Assembly
  • Gluing
  • Hammering
  • Filing
  • Fully guided bolting
  • Decorating and painting

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