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Ernest Moody Bear Puzzle

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From happy to sad and from sleepy to scared, this Ernest Moody Bear Puzzle from Schylling helps tiny tots express both their emotions and their creativity by changing the Ernest's facial expressions and his clothing. Eighteen chunky pieces mean lots of 3-piece puzzle opportunities by mixing and matching his wardrobe and his moods. The colorful wooden pieces all store neatly in a 6-inch wooden box with a slide off lid.

Puzzles help children develop their eye hand coordination, spatial relationships, and fine motor skill and provide opportunities for both interactive and independent play.Puzzle play encourages children to stretch their minds as they manipulate the pieces into place. Puzzles can be worked alone when children need a quiet, solo activity and working a puzzle along with a child opens up opportunities for conversation and connection. Working puzzles also is helpful for children with motor skills delays.

Skill Areas:

  • Social Engagement and Interaction
  • Sensory Motor Development
  • Communication
  • Cognition and Problem Solving

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