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Ding! Fast-Paced, Trick-Taking Card Game

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Take tricks or play a Ding to win! This Ding! Fast-Paced, Trick-Taking Card Game from Wiggles 3D allows players to sit out a hand if they don't think they can take at least one trick. But, sitting out also means you don't get to advance your token; on the other hand, failing to take a trick means players would have to move backwards. Or, they can go for the gusto and try to take all 5 tricks in a given hand to move ahead 5 spaces, or they can play a Ding using the letter cards by themselves or in combination with a wild card. However players get there, the first to reach the finish line wins, so they better play their cards right! Includes game board, 8 game pawns, 63 game cards, and 8 In/Out tokens.

For 3-8 players, ages 8 & up.

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