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Mini Rainbomaker

Item # 56711
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The Mini Rainbomaker is part of the wonderful Edushape musical collection. The early years of a child's development is the perfect time to introduce a child to music through play and the authentic edushape musical instruments are enticing to touch, perfect to pitch and fun to play. Visually and audibly appealing, the Mini Rainbomaker from Edushape will provide hours of stimulating play. Babies and toddlers will learn about cause and effect, as they flip this colorful toy instrument to make the multi-colored beads cascade through balconies inside the clear plastic cylinder while simultaneously making the soothing sound of rain falling. Ages 6 months & up.

The Mini Rainbowmaker can serve as a soothing sensory toy and allow children to self-regulate or can be employed as a manipulative to enhance manual dexterity.

Skill areas:

  • Sensory Motor Development
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