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Magic the Complete Course

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Magic: The Complete Course introduces your child to the art and craft of magic. Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay is a book of powerful secrets. Learn how to master the art of direction, perfect the Sid Lorraine force, harness PATEO to read minds. Learn skills like the false transfer, palm switch, big-action-covers-the-small-action, and more! Above all, how to create an emotional hook so that, in the fleeting moment when an effect occurs, magic truly happens, revealing the world to be a place of boundless wonder. Dazzle your friends! Magic shows how to master over 100 effects that are simple to learn and guaranteed to astonish. The included 132-minute DVD featuring 35 effects performed and taught in great detail, with particular emphasis on rhythm and action and the nuances of timing and direction.

Ages 7 & up.

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