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First Snaps

Item # 55980
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Special Selection -- Sensory Motor Development Skill Builder!

Pull & push, snap & pop!    First Snaps from Alex® Jr. Baby Toys is a wonderful first game for infants. This toy includes 5 unique shapes in 5 bright colors! Gripping and pulling helps baby master basic fine and gross motor developmental skills. The bright colors and shapes stimulate baby's sense of sight and touch. Alex® Jr. Baby Toys are designed for baby's first year of life and foster imagination, provide visual and tactile stimulation, and encourage language development.

This product was assessed and assigned the skill areas listed below by St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

Engaging hands with First Snaps provides tactile sensory motor experiences for those craving sensory input, builds fine motor skills, and makes an ideal fidget for people who use tactile stimulation as a calming or self regulation method.

Skill area:

  • Sensory Motor Development

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