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Earlyears® Baby Farm Friends Bowling Set

Item # 55977
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Special Selection -- Sensory Motor Development Skill Builder!

There's fun to spare!    The Earlyears® Baby Farm Friends Bowling Set is a multi-dimensional activity toy. The six numbered animal bowling pins teach tots about numbers and animals, and the visually-stimulating, soft bowling ball will delight youngsters with its gentle chime sound. As children grow, a game of bowling will help develop eye/hand coordination and teach cause and effect.

  • 6 flat base plush animal pins with various rattle sounds
  • Weighted chime ball
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
  • Recommended for ages 9 months & up

This product was assessed and assigned the skill areas listed below by St. David's Center for Child & Family Development.

Earlyears® Baby Farm Friends Bowling Set can provide an opportunity to engage children as they learn to stack the soft, chiming pins, and receive sensory input. Children with motor delays can practice important hand skills and can gain confidence as they figure out how the pins stand up to make a triangle and they will learn cause and effect as the ball knocks them down.

Skill areas:

  • Sensory Motor Development
  • Emotional Development and Regulation
  • Communication and Interaction

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