#25 Surprise Eggs

  • Balloon
  • Colorful String
  • Sugar
  • Warm water
  • Bowl
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins

STEP ONE: Blow up the balloon to the desired size of your egg and knot it. (Sue Says: small eggs can be used as ornaments, large eggs require multiple layers of sugar in order to support its size.)
STEP TWO: Tie a string around the balloon knot. (Sue Says: this makes it possible to hang the balloons upside down to dry.)
STEP THREE:Pour warm water into a bowl. (Sue Says: the water needs to be warm enough to dissolve sugar but not so warm that you canÍt put your hands in the water.)
STEP FOUR: Stir sugar into the water until no more will dissolve into the water. Let the water cool enough to be able to touch. (Sue Says: if you donÍt have enough sugar in this solution, the egg will not harden so add sugar until crystals start to settle out.)
STEP FIVE: Coat the balloon in the mixture.
STEP SIX: Wrap the entire balloon in string. (Sue Says: use enough string to provide adequate support for the shape and you can even layer different colors of the string for some variety.)
STEP SEVEN: Dip the egg-shaped balloon into the solution and make sure the string is thoroughly saturated with the sugar solution.
STEP EIGHT: Suspend the egg from another sting until the egg is dry. (Sue Says: use clothespins from balloon tie to hang to dry.)

STEP NINE:After the balloon dries, pop it and remove it from the inside of the string. (Sue Says: drying time depends on how much string you used and the thickness of your sugar water mixture.)
STEP TEN: Help the kiddos hang the eggs for a fun spring decoration!

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