playmobil for 3-4

Playmobil provides classic imaginative play and it will last a lifetime. Playmobil introduces kids to new environments to explore such as pirates, farmers, zoos and many more. Playmobil makes learning fun! They offer imaginative sets for kids from toddlers to preschool. Browse through our extensive selection below.

The Playmobil 1*2*3 is perfect for ages 1 1/2 to 3 years of age. The Playmobil line is recommended for ages 4 and up.
Playmobil Fire Station 4819
Playmobil Barn with Silo 5119
Playmobil Farm House with Market 5120
Playmobil Hay Bailer with Trailer 5121
Playmobil Pig Pen 5122
Playmobil Bunny Hutch 5123
Playmobil Calf Feeder 5124
Playmobil Dog House 5125
Playmobil Girl with Cats and Kittens 5126
Playmobil Red Convertible with Personal Watercraft 5133
Playmobil 123 Take Along Fire Station 6777
Playmobil 123 Take Along Barn 6778
Playmobil SuperSet Activity Playground 4015
Playmobil Skateboarder 4754
Playmobil Zookeeper with Exotic Birds 4758
Playmobil Boy with Racing Cart 4759
Playmobil Flight Attendant with Service Cart 4761
Playmobil Archer with Target 4762
Playmobil Knight with Armory 4763
Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127
Playmobil Fisherman with Boat 5131
Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142
Playmobil Pegasus with Princess and Vanity 5144
Playmobil Royal Bed Chamber with Cradle 5146
Playmobil Royal Bath Chamber 5147
Playmobil Click & Go Snake Racer 5160
Playmobil Click & Go Croc Speedboat 5161
Playmobil Click & Go Shark Jet 5162
Playmobil Golden Retriever with Puppies 5209
Playmobil Border Collies with Puppy 5213
Playmobil Mountain Dogs with Puppy 5214
Playmobil Fire Flyer 5215
Playmobil Stream Glider 5216
Playmobil Volcano with Tyrannosaurus 5230
Playmobil Brachiosaurus with Baby 5231
Playmobil Stegosaurus 5232
Playmobil Deinonychus and Velociraptors 5233
Playmobil Explorer and Triceratops with Baby 5234
Playmobil Dimetrodon 5235
Playmobil Transport Vehicle with Baby T-Rex 5236
Playmobil Explorer with Motorcycle 5237
Playmobil Animal Nursery 4344
Playmobil Cat Scratch Tree 4347
Playmobil Guinea Pig Pen 4348
Playmobil City Life Rescue Ambulance 4221
Playmobil Ladder Unit 4820
Playmobil Fire Engine 4821
Playmobil Fire Chief and Car 4822
Playmobil Fire Fighting Helicopter 4824
Playmobil Great Dragon Castle 4835
Playmobil Dragon's Dungeon 4836
Playmobil Giant Dragon with LED-Fire 4838
Playmobil Dragon's Catapult 4840
Playmobil Dragon Knight with LED-Lance 4841
Playmobil Summer House 4857
Playmobil Family Motorhome 4859
Playmobil Family Speedboat 4862
Playmobil Wading Pool 4864
Playmobil Dragon Knight's Duel 4912
Playmobil Fire Rescue Squad 4914
Playmobil RC Module Set Plus 4856
Playmobil Pool with Water Slide 4858
Playmobil Lion Knights Castle 4865
Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle 4866
Playmobil Lion Knights Ballista 4867
Playmobil Falcon Knights Ballista 4868
Playmobil Lion Knights Troop 4871
Playmobil Falcon Knights Troop 4873
Playmobil Lion Knights Treasure Transport 4874
Playmobil Super Set Dragon's Lair 4006
Playmobil Pirate and Redcoat Soldier 4127
Playmobil Samurai 4748
Playmobil Yellow Astronaut 4747
Playmobil Pirate Adventure Island 5134
Playmobil Pirates Ship 5135
Playmobil Pirates Commander with Armory 5136
Playmobil Pirates Rowboat with Shark 5137
Playmobil Castaway on Palm Island 5138
Playmobil Soldiers Fort with Dungeon 5139
Playmobil Redcoat Battle Ship 5140
Playmobil Redcoat Guard with Cannon 5141
Playmobil Princess and Fairy 4128
Playmobil Vet with Dog 4750
Playmobil Little Flower Fairy 4751
Playmobil Mom with Baby Carriage 4756
Playmobil Children's Pony Farm 5222
Playmobil SUV with Horse Trailer 5223
Playmobil Horse Care Station 5225
Playmobil Children's Pony Wagon 5228
Playmobil Equestrian Vaulting 5229
Playmobil Large Horse Farm with Paddock 5221
Playmobil Horse Show 5224
Playmobil Horse-Drawn Carriage 5226
Playmobil Paddock with Horses and Foal 5227
Playmobil Dinghy with Diver 4910
Playmobil Covered Wagon with Raiders 5248
Playmobil Deep Sea Submarine with Underwater Motor 4909
Playmobil Hotel Shuttle Bus 5272
Playmobil Large Furnished Hotel 5265
Playmobil Luxury Hotel Suite 5269
Playmobil Bank with Safe 5177
Playmobil Police Station with Alarm System 5182
Playmobil Police Car with Flashing Light 5184
Playmobil Police Motorcycle 5185
Playmobil Police Special Forces Unit 5186
Playmobil Forklift 5257
Playmobil Cargo Loading Team 5259
Playmobil 2 Kids with Toys 4764
Playmobil Children's Club with Disco 5266
Playmobil Porter with Baggage Cart 5270
Playmobil Pop Stars Stage 5602
Playmobil Pop Stars Tour Bus 5603
Playmobil Pop Stars Keyboard Player 5604
Playmobil Pop Stars Band 5605
Playmobil Country Woman with Sheep Feed 4765
Playmobil Gloomy Pirate with Treasure Chest 4767
Playmobil Aircraft Stairs with Passengers and Cargo 5262
Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft 5261
Playmobil Hotel Shop 5268
Playmobil Housekeeping Service 5271
Playmobil Take Along Modern Doll House 5167
Playmobil Underwater Motor 5159
Playmobil Falcon Knight’s Battering Ram 4869

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