#15 Noodle Necklaces | 31 Days of Crafts

Noodle Necklaces
  • Pasta of any shape and size
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Gallon Ziploc bags
  • Liquid food coloring
  • Cookie sheet
  • Newspaper
  • Clear wire or string
Noodle Necklaces


STEP ONE: Add _ cup of rubbing alcohol and around 10 drops of desired food coloring to a gallon Ziploc bag and swish it around
STEP TWO: Add 1-2 cups of pasta into the bag
STEP THREE: Zip the bag closed and shake until all the pasta is coated
STEP FOUR: Repeat steps one through three using different colors for each bag
STEP FIVE: Lay the filled bags flat on a cookie sheet
STEP SIX: Leave the pasta in the Ziploc bags overnight (Sue Says: Try to turn and shake the bags ever few hours.)
STEP SEVEN: Drain the liquid out of the bag
STEP EIGHT: Lay the past on a flat newspaper surface to dry (Sue Says: Disposable foil pans work great too!)
STEP NINE: Let dry overnight
STEP TEN: Show kiddos how to thread the pasta with the string and let them go crazy creating different color combinations and different types of jewelry

Noodle Necklaces

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