#21 Three Happy Birds with Paper Bag Nest

Three Happy Birds
  • Alex Pops Craft 3 Happy Birds Kit (On Sale at Sensational Beginnings for $4.79)
    Kit includes:
    • 136 stickers
    • 26 paper shapes
    • 3 craft sticks
    • Craft glue
  • 3 paper lunch bags
  • Glue
  • Scissors

STEP ONE:Use the scissors to cut one lunch bag down by two-thirds.
STEP TWO:Open the bag and wrinkle the bag into a ball.
STEP THREE:Open the bag again, smooth it out, and make vertical cuts all along the side to create a fringed effect. (Sue Says: I recommend making deep cuts, leaving only about an inch of solid paper at the base of the bag.)
STEP FOUR: Repeat steps 1-3 with the remaining two bags.
STEP FIVE: Add a squirt of glue to the base of one of the open bags and stick a second open bag inside. Repeat this step with the last bag. (Sue Says: all three bags will be nested inside of each other and will all be glued together at the base.)
STEP SIX:Place your fist into the middle of the bags. Mold the bags into a nest shape around your fist by using your other hand to press the bag into shape. (Sue Says: shape the frayed edges by grabbing them individually and pressing them down. You can also press some of the frayed edges into the interior base of the nest.)
STEP SEVEN:While the nests dry, follow the instructions for the Alex Pops Craft 3 Happy Bird Kits and let the kiddos make three colorful and unique birds.
STEP EIGHT:After the nest has dried, let the kiddos nestled their new birdie friends into their new home!

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